Secret Stash Travel Tin

NOAP Nurture Our Amazing Planet - Secret Stash Travel Tin

for those of us who cart our good conditioner with us everywhere


This travel tin was made specifically to protect The Trifecta conditioner bar--it fits all of the bars, but it was intentionally designed to alleviate these hair crimes:

  • You know that feeling when you are a guest in someone's home and the guest shower has "guest conditioner" and you panic knowing your hair just wont be up to your standards for the day?
  • You know that feeling of bringing your precious bottled or tubed conditioner with you to the pool or beach and returning to your beach bag after a swim to find that it's all hot, watery and separated?
  • You know that feeling when you forgot your conditioner and have to use the terrible hotel room conditioner and your travel-mate doesn't get what the big deal is?
  • You know that feeling of watching the TSA take away your good stuff you forgot to put in your checked baggage and casually toss it in the trash like it's Head and Shoulders?  (side note, if I worked for the TSA I'd pull this contraband out of the trash like George Costanza with an eclair.)
  • You know that whole "mommy-bird-baby-bird" ritual of pouring your good conditioner into the travel sized vessels before a trip to avoid the scenario above? 
  • You know when you're at swim practice and you'd like to look nice wherever you go immediately after? 
  • You know that feeling of guilt when not only bring your good conditioner in its plastic bottle but then use even more plastic to protect it from spilling all over the rest of the stuff in your suitcase?

This is for you.  From us.

Our Trifecta conditioner bar is not only made for the shower.  We designed it so that you could keep your hair soft & protect it hair from brittleness and breakage that often comes with a cocktail of sun, water, color-treatments and heat styling.


No Plastic

No Compromise - wherever you go!


We tried to think of everything:

We made this tin RED so you could find it easily!

We put a tiny towel in the bottom so you could keep your bar dry and so that it would never stick to the inside

We also added a travel sized bamboo comb so you could always have a way to detangle on the go.  

  • $14.00