"Tyra Banks recommends the NOAP shampoos and conditioners for all hair types. "Yes, [for] black girls' hair, too!" she promises. "The biz is founded and run by two badass females that care about all of our hair and the planet. They are a plastic free, eco-friendly company that is all about Nurturing Our Amazing Planet. Get it? NOAP. I'm so down for this product. It's the next big thing.""
The Beauty Products Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, Michelle Pfeiffer & More Are Obsessed With This Summer
E! Online - July 29, 2020
"Local Sparta mom, Kate Assaraf, shares what it was like to launch a new brand and company that’s environmentally friendly, full of competition, and oh yeah, amid a global pandemic. BTW, Tyra Banks (yes thee Tyra Banks) thinks Kate and co-founder Mille are badasses, and we do too!"
Sparta Mom, Kate Assaraf, launches plastic-free brand: NOAP
What's Up Sparta Podcast - July 30, 2020
"The response was so much better than we had hoped. Everyone we asked to try the product, regardless of hair type and hair histories, said it worked for them."
I Was About to Launch a New Beauty Brand When COVID-19 Hit
Allure - April 21, 2020
"Kate with Noap (Nurture Our Amazing Planet) has SO much insight to share about not only the behind the scenes of launching an eco friendly beauty company, AS A MOM, but ALSO what it takes to make it happen during a pandemic."
047 - Kate Assaraf - Noap CEO & Mom Riding the Waves of Reducing Our Plastic Consumption with Eco-Friendly Beauty
Well & Why Podcast - July 16, 2020
"Kate is the CEO and Co-Founder of NOAP, a sustainable brand with the goal of raising awareness of plastic-free consumption, providing incredible plastic-free personal care products. She does this with the brilliant help of @millierod99 (COO and Co-Founder).⁠⠀"
Minori Beauty Founder Feature - Kate Assaraf
Minori Beauty - July 15, 2020
"I am most hopeful to change the messaging for next wave of eco-friendly products. You can't preach people into change--you have to give them a better alternative. A little humor is more fun than alarmism."
RHS Alumnus Creates Plastic Free Beauty Brand to Help Save the Planet
Randolph Township - April 22, 2020