About Us

It ain’t easy being green.

It’s expensive.

It’s inconvenient

It ain’t inspiring being green either.

The marketing is preachy, alarmist, and eventually drives people to indifference or what we call: “environmental hearing loss”.  The more doomsday stuff that is thrown at you, the more reasonable it is for a person to think “I can’t make a difference.” 

But you most certainly can.

Here’s the thing: we just aren’t convinced that people will welcome change until you give them something better.  You can’t guilt or scare someone into loving your products by threatening an environmental apocalypse.  Every expensive eco-friendly swap I have made that has ended in disappointment has never inspired long-term change.  I’ve just gone back to my usual habits.

So Millie and I asked:  Do we think that eco friendly products need to feel like sacrifice?
Our answer is: NOAP.


You might think we are a plastic free personal care business, but you would be wrong.


Our main goal is awareness.  We are an environmental awareness company parading around as a plastic free personal care company…with products that we think out-perform and out-value their plastic bottled counterparts.

The way we see it:


The only cure for plastic blindness is awareness; because once you find out what plastic accumulation is doing to our oceans, our food chain, and our health, it’s impossible to look at your own consumption the same way. 

…And the only medicine is: quality, ethically sourced products that actually work.   
Do we think we can make the world a more beautiful place?
Our answer is:  NOAP