Happy Trails

Cheers to the Athletes

We have some really exciting news!

We are proud to partner with F2F to help raise money for Breast Cancer screening for women who cannot afford it.  If you're like us and you miss racing, grab some friends and sign up for our virtual 5 miler or 5K!


The first 200 runners that sign up get a mini NOAP Everydayable Shampoo bar or a mini NOAP Trifecta Conditioner bar! 

Read more about F2F here.

But first, a little back-story:

We noticed that the unsung heroes of the environment are often overlooked: the endurance athletes, the swimmers, the skiers, the snowboarders, the triathletes, the trail-runners, the surfers, the mountain climbers, and yes, even the idle fire-side campers.  We are those people ourselves; and we are tired of seeing plastic on our own natural playgrounds.  It's those of us who connect to nature by going on soul searching runs in the woods or spending long days surfing with tired arms that actually bend at the waist to pick up garbage to protect our favorite places. 

We launched NOAP: Nurture Our Amazing Planet to celebrate them.


We are super proud to partner with our local Friend 2 Friend Trail Races

We wholeheartedly believe in their mission to provide early detection services, support and resources to the women of New Jersey.

This is a huge deal to us.  

This race series is near & dear to our hearts, and the woman who runs them is the type of person anyone would be proud to help.  Her name is Mare, and not only is she is contagiously supportive, she also rolls with people who really take their environmentalism seriously, while also having a sense of humor. 

Those are our people!

Mare created a Trail Race series that unites runners of all ages, genders, backgrounds in an event that is full of really fun, passionate volunteers. 

It was the first race we went to where the packets were plastic free. 

Mare wrapped each bundle in a bandana instead of the obvious plastic bag.  We fell in love immediately with her races, her ambition, and her community.  Join us on the trails!  

You can sign up to run the 5 Miler or the 5K virtually anywhere :)