• Kate Assaraf

    How learning to Skateboard & Surf Helped Prepare me for Business During the Pandemic

    You have no idea what it means to build a product you love until you are actually in it.  I refused to sign off on this conditioner bar until it was the best conditioner bar I had ever used.  I can say I love this conditioner more than anything else in the line. I even thought of the surf community when it came to formulating--I made sure that this was also the BEST conditioner bar for surfers to protect hair from brittleness and breakage after long days in the sun & sea.  View Post
  • Millie Rodriguez

    For Millie, Co-Founder & COO of NOAP, fighting for the best ingredients was personal!

    It was critical to me that we use only clean, high performance ingredients that are plant based, vegan, dye and mica free, sulfate free, paraben free and sustainable that wouldn’t be harmful to our bodies. Also, simultaneously I could feel good about making our small imprint on reducing plastic in the environment.  We simply wanted to make the best plastic free shampoo and the best plastic free conditioners we possibly could without sacrificing performance.

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  • Kate Assaraf

    Why I created a plastic-free company that doesn't talk much about plastic

    In my own personal crusade to reduce plastic — I have been burned by crisis marketing that sold me guilt in the form of expensive eco-friendly swaps that felt like sacrifice. At the top of this list was mouthwash tablets meant to fizz in tap water and save me from buying plastic bottled, watered down Listerine. These were the biggest, most expensive, sucker-swap I made. View Post