Why you should let the youth lead: the story of how NOAP used Tik Tok to grow our awareness and reach over 1 Million views in one day

An Intro by CEO Kate Assaraf:

When I graduated college, I had this feeling that I could change the world--but that feeling did not last long as the financial collapse of 2008 came shortly thereafter and I found myself feeling incredible dread and disappointment about the economy my generation inherited.  Today recent graduates are facing an even more severe economic disaster & tremendous disappointment during the pandemic--but it is my view that this next generation of world warriors are smarter, faster, and have much higher standards for social responsibility & environmentalism than ever before. 

Guest blogger Becca Cristillo started as a friend, and I quickly saw that she was everything I hoped someone her age would be:  adventurous, razor sharp, full of integrity, kind, dedicated to helping our planet, and most of all:  more capable than 99% of people I know.  I think we should listen more to people her age.

It is my honor to let her take the stage here <3


The Road To 1 Million TikTok Viewers:  by Becca Cristillo

The road to 1 million TikTok viewers begins with a single step in a farmers market. At least thats how it started for me and Kate Assaraf, NOAPs CEO, when a Saturdays farm market bread and tomato run turned into business introduction. I had known Kate before then through our local library but all we had done was the networking dance of following each others Instagram pages and a couple swipe ups on stories that lead to quick conversations. This time, Kate was telling me about her new idea for a plastic free company. The excitement behind showing me prototypes and logo designs is what let me entertain the idea but once I actually saw it, I knew there was no way I didnt want to be a part of this. Months went by in the creation process and Kate kept me up to date on her ideas and vision for NOAP while I was living and traveling abroad for a year.

Once I came back to the States we went full force into the brand. Kate had me try the bars before helping with anything, since honest marketing is the only way to go, and Ill never go back.

Launching during a pandemic is up there in difficult business beginnings but Kate made it work. She came up with replacement ideas when photo shoots were canceled and re-planned the entire introduction to NOAP when production was pushed back by months. Whatever was thrown at Kate she handled like a champion.

It wasnt more than a month before my own personal TikTok account blew up by pure chance and I saw the opportunity for NOAP and ran with it. My own success taught me what TikTok and TikTok viewers were looking for and a couple more trial runs with my own account lead me to a self taught TikTok success formula. Kate said "do your thing" and entrusted the TikTok building process to me with her guidance and respect for my process.

The formula I created lead the very first NOAP TikTok to accumulate 1.3 million viewers and 15 thousand followers within a 24 hour period. This was able to translate into a sales day almost triple in comparison with the week prior and 900 new Instagram followers as well.

Goes to show TikTok is actually an effective marketing strategy and TikTokers are actually buying.

TikToks largest age demographic is between 16 and 24 years old. These are also the ages that are most referred to when talking about Generation Z. This generation has turned away from platforms like Facebook and Twitter and shifted their scrolling to Instagram and more recently TikTok.

Heres where a little sociology and psychology come into playand maybe an age advantage being the oldest of Gen Z myself.

In order to understand what appeals to a demographic in terms of marketing you first have to understand the new cultural norms of the cohort and Gen Z is different than weve ever seen before. We know theyre the most racially and ethically diverse generation, on track to be the highest educated generation, and grew up in the age of technology so being targeted by brands through social media is nothing new to them.

In addition, theyve created practically a new language with specific meanings behind emojis and slang terms.

In a study done by the Pew Research Center about the issues this age span cares most about; Gen Z is the first to normalize same sex relationships and differing gender pronouns and is the generation most likely to care about the human impact on environmental changes. Gen Z is also bold.

This is the generation that commented fairy emojis on a serial killers Instagram post.

Im not saying I agree with this idea, but it goes to show that Gen Z will not hesitate in what they post in the comments section and as a brand thats something you need to know. They will call you out and cancel you at signs of corruption and misinformation.

All this being said Gen Z is also well aware of the concept of vote with your dollar and purchasing power.

According to a study by DoSomething Strategic, more than 75% of young people have bought or would buy from a brand just to show support for what that brand stands for. Corporate social responsibility is huge for Gen Z as they dont trust the government and shifted their accountability of fixing the environment to businesses. This can actually work in your favor by broadening the range of marketing, topics included in media messages, and demographics willing to buy your brand.

So how do we reach them on TikTok? TikTok allows users to create videos up to 60 seconds long, in app edit them, add captions, filters, and sounds. These give ability to create a wide range of videos from dancing videos like Charlie Damelio (TikToks highest followed user) to How-Tovideos and humor content much like the beloved app Vine used to be. Understanding the lingo of TikTok is also crucial to being viewed by your target market. There are sidesto TikTok and youll often hear teens asking each other what TikTok theyre on. This isnt a whole new app, this is the algorithm working in full force showing people videos similar to what they interact with. The way to make it big, is to get on the For You Pageof your niche. This takes quite a bit of your own scrolling to be able to understand the trends of each niche and therefore infiltrate what is popular with your target market. The algorithm works by pushing the video out to 100 people first. It then calculates how many loops it plays, viewing time, time between viewing the video and liking the video, likes, and comments and decides if the video is worth pushing to more people. If it decides yes, it gets pushed to 500, then 1000, 5000, ect. and will stop once the algorithm sees a slow in engagement. Those who like, comment, and follow are then more likely to see more of your content since their own algorithms associate your content with something that user enjoys seeing. This ups your chances for a sale.

At the end of the day, TikTok is becoming one of the most influential platforms to reach the next generation of consumers and staying aware of how they want to consume will increase your exposure and sales. Its an important platform to stay up to date on and for creatives, an endless possibility of marketing strategies.

In my professional TikTok scrolling opinion, this is why NOAP did so well.

It was able to highlight the plastic free aspect that NOAP stands for. A quick peek at the comments on the video will show a number of users commenting, buying just because of thisand why doesnt every brand do this!Gen Z is buying the brands message more than the product. In a generation tired of being pushed to buy more, buy new, buy again, NOAP gave them what they wanted; less consumption and Earth loving mentality when they do have to buy something. She showed how eco friendly doesnt only mean what box the product comes in but also who the brand is behind the product. Kate wanted NOAP to be an environmental awareness brand first and foremost and that was a message she was able to convey. She just also happens to have the best conditioner bar on the market too.


Contact Becca directly:  rebecca.cristillo@yahoo.com

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