• Kate Assaraf

    Interview with Carol Phillips: Surf Legend, Environmentalist, and the FIRST woman to compete against men at Banzai Pipeline

    Yes! I know you’ve been using our conditioner bar so I have to ask, how are you liking the NOAP Trifecta conditioner bar?

    Oh my gosh, I love it. It’s the best conditioner bar! Being in the water and sun all the time, have to make sure you don’t fry your hair!!

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  • Kate Assaraf

    Do you know the #1 rule of being an Environmentalist?

    We want to make the shampoo for runners & make the best conditioner bar for surfers...and while we're at it we also want them to last a really long time because we want people to learn to buy less.

    If this is confusing to you, we understand.  We are business owners, but we are trying to solve plastic blindness first.  We are trying to change the way you shop, by creating performance products that encourage you to change your mindset and shop less...and just happen to be plastic free.

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  • Millie Rodriguez

    Proud to be Puerto Rican

    And beyond our mission to reduce waste, we wanted to create the best conditioner bar for ALL hair types. Personally, I needed to know that some little girl out there with curly or textured hair, could use just this product (followed with nothing else!) and feel seen, feel catered to, and most importantly, feel beautiful.

    That’s why we tested NOAP on an exhaustive range of hair types and textures, iterating on the formula until we could guarantee that it would make everyone’s hair healthy and happy. 

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