How to use NOAP Everydayable Shampoo Bar & NOAP Trifecta Conditioner Bar

A few things before you get started...


STORAGE: Store the bars "high & dry", away from the direct stream of water. Our coasters help preserve the life line of the bar but if you didn't buy one, a mason jar lid with some rubber bands across the top will do the trick.

You don't have go thrifty with a jar lid, you can do something  like this instead.


EVERYDAYABLE SHAMPOO: Always apply a wet shampoo bar directly to wet hair. We suggest doing this under the direct stream of water.

  • You don't need a lot of friction, we made it super sudsy so you're good to go!




TRIFECTA CONDITIONER: There are a few rookie mistakes we would like you to avoid. The bars need water & friction to work.


1. Think of the bar like a frizz eraser: it will only condition the strands it touches.

2. Keep re-wetting before re-applying the bar directly to hair. Since the bars have no water in them, it's up to you to add it.

3. When in doubt, over-apply. We can't stress this enough!

4. Don't be scared to leave some in! The conditioning agent is also used in many high end leave-in conditioners. Curly and/or dry hair, we're talking to you!

For Use After Swim:

Swipe very wet bar down very wet hair, leave in, air dry--and you're good to go!



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Thank you!

The NOAP Team :)



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