Episode 047 - Kate Assaraf - Noap CEO & Mom Riding the Waves of Reducing Our Plastic Consumption with Eco-Friendly Beauty

Sometimes you don't know why you meet people when you meet them.  

In this case, I hadn't seen Allee Sprung's face since she was a child, and it was so cool to reconnect with her 20 years later, both as adults as we talked about NOAP, the pandemic, being theater kids, a little bit about spirituality--and why Millie and I were on a mission to make the best conditioner bar we could to change the plastic free game.

Please check out her podcast!  I feel extremely lucky and honored to be part of her show!

-Kate Assaraf, CEO


Click here to listen.

Kate with Noap (Nurture Our Amazing Planet) has SO much insight to share about not only the behind the scenes of launching an eco friendly beauty company, AS A MOM, but ALSO what it takes to make it happen during a pandemic.

We get quite deep about spirituality and signs, the article she wrote for her best friend and the BLM movement that people are using to share with their grandparents (linked in the show notes), but also about how Kate uses her brand to shed light into the world with a little bit of her Jersey humor :)

-Allee Sprung, Host, Well & Why Podcast

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