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"My journey to find a shampoo I liked was long and...mushy? With other bars, I usually didn't get the lather I wanted, it would drip bright dye all over my bathtub, or disintegrate into a gooey blob before I could finish using it up. NOAP solved every single one of these problems, giving it the award of "First Shampoo Bar I've Ever Re-Ordered." "
41 Products to Help You Cut Down Waste in 2021
Buzzfeed - January 04, 2021
"Noap stands for "nurture our amazing planet," so you can count on this small business for eco-friendly products for your hair, face, and body."
42 Things From Small Businesses That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers
Buzzfeed - November 17, 2020
"My end goal seems like great hair--but really what I want to prove is that it is easier to get someone to care about plastic if you stop bombarding them with alarmism and give them something really great instead."
FEATURE: Kate Assaraf, Founder and CEO of NOAP
Compell'd: The Connoisseurs - October 15, 2020
"The Trifecta conditioner bar, the company’s signature offering, is a game changer. It quietly announces that when it comes to the hair care industry, the emperor is wearing no clothes. The three-ounce bar, as its name suggests, is intended to replace not just your conditioner, but the entire conditioning regimen that’s been cluttering up your shower – and our landfills. "
The shower disruptor: An outdoor athlete creates a bar conditioner that’s as honest as it is easy. Finally, it’s adios to plastic in the bathroom.
DIRT: Healthy Living From the Ground Up - September 02, 2020
"But nothing on the market met Ms. Assaraf’s high standards for her long brown locks. She longed for a salon-quality product as good as Oribe or Pureology, two high-end liquid shampoos and conditioners she favored. After visiting message boards and talking to women in her running group, she realized that she was not the only one craving a better bar."
Impact Players: Women of Courage - Meet the female executives who are today’s game changers, visionaries and crisis warriors.
Insigniam Quarterly - September 22, 2020
"Burned by eco-friendly swaps over and over again, founders Kate Assaraf & Millie Rodriguez are determined to provide plastic-free options that don't feel like sacrifice. In a world where plastic-free & alarmist marketing are the focus of every new eco-friendly brand, we are laser focused on performance. Plastic-free is just a bonus."
FemCity - September 14, 2020
"I’ve never created a friendship with a company before. I would pop into their inbox responding to their stories or asking them questions. Kate, one of the boss babes of NOAP, would always respond with her honest opinion. Nothing ever sounded “sales-y” and I never felt pressured to buy her products just because she said so. I wanted to try them out. I kept seeing review after review of their products. People with long hair, short hair, curly hair, thin hair, you name it, they have a review of their products for each type of hair. There’s no way these bars can be this good, I thought. ‘Cause, you know, the bars I used just “did the job”."
Read this if you want great hair.
Madi Richardson Blog - August 20, 2020
"Tyra Banks recommends the NOAP shampoos and conditioners for all hair types. "Yes, [for] black girls' hair, too!" she promises. "The biz is founded and run by two badass females that care about all of our hair and the planet. They are a plastic free, eco-friendly company that is all about Nurturing Our Amazing Planet. Get it? NOAP. I'm so down for this product. It's the next big thing.""
The Beauty Products Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr, Michelle Pfeiffer & More Are Obsessed With This Summer
E! Online - July 29, 2020
"Local Sparta mom, Kate Assaraf, shares what it was like to launch a new brand and company that’s environmentally friendly, full of competition, and oh yeah, amid a global pandemic. BTW, Tyra Banks (yes thee Tyra Banks) thinks Kate and co-founder Mille are badasses, and we do too!"
Sparta Mom, Kate Assaraf, launches plastic-free brand: NOAP
What's Up Sparta Podcast - July 30, 2020
"Working in the fledgling brand’s favor has been the power of a great testimonial. In December 2019, the co-founders began tapping their network to test out products. Those responses now live under Honest Reviews on the NOAP site as a means of building consumer trust."
Six Sustainable Brands Launching Despite COVID-19
Ombre Digital - June 16, 2020
"The response was so much better than we had hoped. Everyone we asked to try the product, regardless of hair type and hair histories, said it worked for them."
I Was About to Launch a New Beauty Brand When COVID-19 Hit
Allure - April 21, 2020
"Kate with Noap (Nurture Our Amazing Planet) has SO much insight to share about not only the behind the scenes of launching an eco friendly beauty company, AS A MOM, but ALSO what it takes to make it happen during a pandemic."
047 - Kate Assaraf - Noap CEO & Mom Riding the Waves of Reducing Our Plastic Consumption with Eco-Friendly Beauty
Well & Why Podcast - July 16, 2020
"Kate is the CEO and Co-Founder of NOAP, a sustainable brand with the goal of raising awareness of plastic-free consumption, providing incredible plastic-free personal care products. She does this with the brilliant help of @millierod99 (COO and Co-Founder).⁠⠀"
Minori Beauty Founder Feature - Kate Assaraf
Minori Beauty - July 15, 2020
"I am most hopeful to change the messaging for next wave of eco-friendly products. You can't preach people into change--you have to give them a better alternative. A little humor is more fun than alarmism."
RHS Alumnus Creates Plastic Free Beauty Brand to Help Save the Planet
Randolph Township - April 22, 2020
What people are saying:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Tried NOAP and they're so good! The conditioner is especially awesome. My hair feels sooooo soft. And I was surprised how good and foamy the shampoo got!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I can 100% say I will not be going back to any other shampoo or conditioner."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I say YUP to NOAP! Wow!! At first I wasn't sure what to do...lather in my hands then apply or rub the bar on my head. But once I figured it out...I'm hooked!! Literally haven't had hair this soft since my pre-1985 perm/highlight days! OMG!"
Bari J. First time user & skeptic!
Our Founders:
Millie Rodriguez
Co-Founder & COO
Millie is a curly haired Latina world traveler who grew up in the Bronx and has a son who shares her passion for the environment. When she isn't working keeping the details all in order, you can find her running, spending endless hours in the ocean, or playing tennis. She designed NOAP to make sure the ingredients were clean and didn't mess with her strict plant-based lifestyle. During the span of her 26 + year career, she has worked as a media planner and sales executive in the advertising industry, helped develop hundreds of products for various startups and well known health and beauty brands, and co-founded 3 companies in the span of 17 years. Today she is acting Vice President for JMR Development, a boutique firm she started in 2010 with her husband, Jack, that specializes in custom design, development, and execution of beauty products for people and entities looking to enter or expand into the health and beauty arena. She is the the COO/Co-Founder for NOAP: Nurture Our Amazing Planet, a new plastic free, earth conscious personal care brand and was laser focused on the sustainability, integrity and performance of the ingredients.
Kate Assaraf
Founding Partner
Kate is a long, wavy haired economist, environmentalist, and mother of 2. You can find her trail running, surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, and climbing trees. She designed NOAP to be for the outdoor athletes who take protecting their natural playgrounds seriously--and also expect their eco-friendly products to actually work! After leaving art school in Savannah to pursue economics & math at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, Kate moved to Los Angeles where she worked for the Kardashians' beauty brands, and later expanded her business capabilities into the toy industry where she managed internationally successful toy brands Cabbage Patch Kids and Disney Princess at Jakks Pacific's LA and UK offices. After moving to London for work, she moved to Paris for love, and then to Sri Lanka to surf and gain an appreciation for humble living before moving to NYC and branching out on her own. Kate has been featured in both Cosmopolitan Magazine & Allure, performed stand up at The Improv, is a mother of 2 boys, and long distance trail runner, skier, & surfer. She is both Persian & from New Jersey so good hair is pretty much mandatory.

Does performance and Eco-friendliness need to be a choice?!

Our answer is: NOAP

You might think we are a plastic-free personal care company, but you would be wrong.

We are two women from New Jersey on a mission to cure plastic-blindness by offering products that actually work with a message to gently nudge people into environmental awareness.  Burned by eco-friendly swaps over and over again, founders Kate Assaraf & Millie Rodriguez are determined to provide plastic-free options that don't feel like sacrifice.  In a world where plastic-free & alarmist marketing are the focus of every new eco-friendly brand, we are laser focused on performance.  Plastic-free is just a bonus.

Launched in April 2020, we are a self-funded, lean team of 2 nature lovers with huge ambitions & high standards. That means we can make our own rules--and our number one goal is not investor friendly:  we want you to buy less. We made products that intentionally last a long time which means less trips to the store, more time to play outside. As the pandemic is teaching us all to reevalutate what "essential" means in our lives, we are happy to start a company that protects the ethos: all you need is less.

 We also noticed that the unsung heroes of the environment are often overlooked: the endurance athletes, the swimmers, the skiers, the snowboarders, the triathletes, the trail-runners, the surfers, and yes, even the idle fire-side campers.  We are those people ourselves; and we are tired of seeing plastic on our own natural playgrounds.  It's those of us who connect to nature by going on soul searching runs in the woods or spending long days surfing with tired arms that actually bend at the waist to pick up garbage from our favorite places. 

We launched NOAP: Nurture Our Amazing Planet to celebrate them.  We started with the shower but we have deodorant and a winter face serum launching by the end of Summer 2020.

Our current product offering:

  • Our Everydayable Shampoo Bar was formulated for all hair types but with runners & athletes in mind:  it solves the problem of "should I shower or train today?".  There is zero-overwashed feeling and is packed with superhero ingredients like:  hydrolyzed quinoa protein, baobab oil, black currant seed oil, almond oil, sunflower oil & coconut oil.
  • Our Trifecta Conditioner Bar was specifically made to nourish all hair types with the intensity that salon products would with macadamia oil & kalahari melon seed oil.  We also made sure it would help soften & protect hair from damage for people who love spending long days as their inner mermaid:  after surfing in the ocean,  after dipping in the pool, or lounging in the lake all day.  
  • Our About-Face Bar is packed with Marula & Rosehip oil to soothe skin & support elasticity after a little too much sun on your face.
  • Our Puck Body Wash Bar is packed with activated charcoal and geranium oil which is known to  have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent properties.  It's made for people who play in the wild and might get some scrapes & bites on the way.
  • Our Accessories solve all of the problems that make you not want to switch to bars in the first place.  We know bar soap has its drawbacks, and we aren't shy about it!

Our goal is to continue to launch products that solve problems for those of us who love to be outdoors.

Cause Marketing
We partnered with Sussex County Women’s Forum (SCWF), a 501C (3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women and their families. The SCWF strives to provide early breast cancer detection services, support and resources to the women of New Jersey. We love SCWF and their mission!
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The NOAP Team
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